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                               astrological metaphor of the Last Supper     Leonardo da Vinci's gnostic painting_de

Xmas-Yule ´22; travel via Dali & Nante in C.G. Jung's Red Book to Apocalypse of St. John

                   - translated to english with google translator, personally checked - in deutsch/german

dec. 18 thru 27 2022 This morning my memorable sleep dream, a fictional conversation with the 2 1/2-year-old offspring of my former boss (CEO) at eye level. The little child's mouth turned to me and carefully revealed many an unpleasantly wise truth. Which I then spoke out publicly in front of the CEO of my (ex-)company. On the one hand, such a dream reminds me of "foreign" children whose good, legitimate concerns are sometimes ignored by stressed parents and those around them...

Parents who - not only like Helmut and Hannelore Kohl - are sometimes very "important". I and a friend had enough examples of this: The 2 ½ year old, who first of all was not allowed to simply give away a beloved stuffed animal to a dear adult. The child who didn't get any sweets, cheese or sausages in the shop - even if it was only as a quasi-addictive substitute satisfaction for a lack of attention regarding the child's wishes and needs, although the parents treat themselves to luxury foods and enough luxury(?) The many cases, where mothers/fathers exclude the other parent out of possessiveness or jealousy? Babysitters (m+f), "godparents, possibly also strangers" from the area are in demand here! ...Surely Jesus as a free(?!) child -according to legend- went his very own inner paths early on. His father Joseph had to look for him at the age of 12 from the scholars in the temple and go and pick him up.

...On the other hand, the dream also reminds me of our very own, quasi-indigenous 'inner child'. That we
as adults sometimes neglect because of (too) "important stress" etc.? Like this coherent story of a gathering of (11 +1!) angels tells; the 12 "disciples of Jesus" in the zodiac according to
Leonardo da Vinci's picture of the Last Supper, etc.

Let's consider the Star of Bethlehem as Venus Pentagram with the 12 Magi as chaldean dream readers and astrologers. (It was only through Origen & Constantine that there were 3de.wikip.) Then Christian Christmas will also get its indigenous polytheistic roots back: 

Likewise... Jesus' birth as a representative for our own! As a not only symbolic child of the sun in the sky and the female goddesses Mother Earth/Mary/Magdalene. As contained in the Myself (and youself) along with lunar and planetary principles; a birth "horoscope" not written by human hands, our inner nature. Which we, with all individually different freedom of feeling, thinking and acting, should nevertheless live and consider jointly responsible and aware as part of the divine-natural whole. I now also belong to the conspiracy theorists, in contrast to Constantine's more orthodox churches/religion? Or are "the two of us" only a part within a cyclic-spiral whole, like a multidimensional-coloured pulsating yin & yang (wiki) ?  - See, what means the highly controversial Indian philosopher Bagwhan/ Osho about Jesus, following Carl Jung herebelow! 

nov. 8, 2022 in retrospect. On the way home, coming from Madrid, I travelled past the Catalan coast for one day. To the place where 34 years ago I had stopped my "world" journey shortly after it had started. Back then sleepless and dreaming, here ..below Dream 1 from 1988 (in german lang.).
nov. 9, 2022 The next day home, on the train from Figueres, I found an introduction to C.G. Jung's mind. A few passages from the esoteric book of an Argentine philosophy professor, which I've found more or less by chance, attracted me. Bernardo Nante writes 'The
Red Book of C.G. Jung' in 2010/12 in 'El Libro Rojo de Jung(14 pages transl. from Span. via Ger., pdf 27march 2023): Key to understanding an incredible work'. Here in the 1st part from the chapter 'Undidad Y Diversidad Del Opus Jungiano':

...Jung tried to understand the symbols behind fleeting human feelings. Today's man trusts only his enlightened mind and believes himself free from his own symbolic world and the influences of the earlier gods. However, as we have already noted, after Jung the excluded gods changed in such a way that they made us ill.


...Yet undoubtedly what prepared the ground for the Red Book was his profound and uncompromising work turning Jung to mythology. And the kind that forms his newly mentioned work 'Transformations and Symbols of the Libido'. Jung said of that creative epoch: "It seems to me that we lived in a mental psychiatry that we created for ourselves. In which all these fantasy figures appear: centaurs, nymphs, satyrs (mixed beings and demons in the entourage of Dionisos, Greek mysticism), gods and goddesses, as if they were patients and I had to analyze them. As one reads in a Greek legend, or black, as if a mental patient were telling me his medical history."

...And this 'unconscious god' certainly seemed assimilable with the gnostic demiurge, Jung describes - in the alchemical understanding - the integration of man and the divine in a corresponding non-duality, expressed psychologically, with the integration of the (my)self. This connection began with the incorporation of Sophia as a feminine force, coequal imperishable with God. Sophia appears on three occasions: first, in the state of her absence already described, second, in an anamnesis that appears in proverbs, wisdom and spirituality, and lastly, in her praise, apocalyptically understood.

With regard to an anamnesis (medical history), it is sufficient to note that people who feel rejected by Yahweh's arbitrariness need a Sophia (wisdom), which is then the only one to oppose the nothingness of man. But the pre-existing Sophia reappears in a renewed, eternal form of divine Holy Marriage. Until it then unexpectedly ends in the creation of the second Adam, the male (human) god. From the meditation on the apocalyptic visions, the development of the dogma of an Assumption of Mary, in reality a substitute for Job, is projected. This woman was one in whom the pleroma (radiant shining sea of light) of God continued, and so would legitimize the birth of the child of wisdom as a perpetual incarnation.

...In Jung's work, the ambiguous term 'Orient' (Eastern) is fundamentally concentrated in Yoga, in its comprehensive meaning as a pan-Asian phenomenon that encompasses Buddhism and Taoism. His confrontation with this leads him to a two-fold food for thought: on the one hand, the Eastern texts break up his isolation. They allow him to understand phenomena taught by yoga, analogous to what can be observed in some of his patients (e.g. mandala painting). And secondly, his friendship with excellent specialists such as Richard Wilhelm, Heinrich Zimmer, Daisetz T. Suziki, Evans Wentz, etc.

Foto: Theater-Museum Dali, Figueres, ceilingfresco of bed-chamber 

Jung recognizes the value of Eastern spirituality, but at the same time criticizes an uncritical appropriation of the 'Orient' - which ignores its own unconscious - such as the overcritical materialism that is unworthy of Eastern spirituality or reduces it to a purely scholarly approach. The Occidental challenge is " be able to draw the Eastern values from within and not from without. Looking for them within ourselves, in the unconscious. (Source 50) Imitation prevents the process of individuation and triggers a dangerous "unconscious appropriation". 

The Occident (West) developed its own practices and ways (theurgy, contemplation (silence), which the Rites of Ignatius of Loyola), but they are no longer valid. Jung does not doubt that over the centuries the West will develop its own yoga on the basis of belief that Christianity has created. His practical message, addressed to all people, takes up - in contemporary understanding and on a scientific basis - what the spiritual traditions have always contained at their core: humanity must raise its magical-occult treasure from within. And so it is an arduous task, each and every one, personally and collectively, without any certainties and without being able to feel supported by belonging to a certain group or -to be- simply rejected. The spirit of the deep calls for a spiritual adventure; to finally tell with your own life this never-ending story that we have already spoken about:

"Sometime somewhere there was a flower, a stone, a queen, a king, a palace, a he-lover and a she-lover, there were many things, over the sea, on an island, 5000 years ago... That's the love that mystical flower of the soul, that is the center, one's own self..."

  further 10 pages of Nantes Book about C.G. Jung, pdf here 

Foto: Theater-Museum Dali, Figueres, Eve as Venus with serpent

End of quotes from Nantes book on Jung's Rotes B. - Classification: Jung's Red Book were his personal notes, including dreams, etc., some of them written during his burnout(?) in the 1920s. During his lifetime it was certainly a bit too "intimate or embarrassing"(?) for him. It lay unpublished in a Swiss safe until 2009.
When Carl Gustav Jung speaks of "...wisdom and spirituality, and finally their praise, understood apocalyptically" (see above), I associate it with the revelation or apocalypse of St. John. (cf. wiki) The number "666" seems to be the key for "evil", the "whore of Babylon". But maybe also meant in the form of the Roman Emperor Nero? (his actually quite "violent" chart is graphically available at for those who can interpret). 

Jan. 7 2023: And what does the highly controversial Indian philosopher Bhagwan alias Osho mean about Jesus & "Yoga"?  Insight into the book of Osho "Ich aber sage euch / I say onto you" pdfMay 22, 2023  

The Apocalypse of John also concerned Friedrich Engels. ...With their completely pagan-allegorical pictorial language from antiquity... I doubt their external "goal" of salvation (me, as a hobby astrologer who believes in part in reincarnation, but also a chemical engineer who thinks in terms of natural sciences). Even the most modern natural sciences and psychology will hardly redeem us from the archaic archetypes in us, see C.G.Jung.
Chiliastic groups, such as Jehovah's Witnesses or Adventists, receive the revelation/apocalypse of John. On the other hand, orthodox churches more or less do not recognize them. The German protestant leader Martin Luther knew little to do with her. (summary quoted from wikipedia)
Here is a successful(?) progressive rock setting of the four apocalyptic riders: The four horsemen from the album 666; artistically interpreted in 1972 by Vangelis Papathanassiou and Demis Roussos in the greek rock band Aphrodite's Child.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage- Anais Nin

"The day you truly accept yourself, new horizons will open to you and a melody never heard before will come to your ears." From autobiographical novel Die Traumheilerin (The Dream Healer) by Prof. Hernán Huarache Mamani, Peru; Shaman, cultural scientist, co-founder of the I.N.C.A Institute

"Paths we cross, we cross again!" - Patti Smith, XIT


                       The lost trail, Charles Wimar um 1857, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid

Apache Fire Signal, Frederic Remington about 1906, Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza

The Correspondence of Nov. 2022 with Ms. Präses (Bishop) of the Ev. Church of Westphalia slightly having to pick a bone together with her, which led to this thealogically demo posterpdf of correspondance (in german) here with its heading: "The 1. Commandment of Moses should carefully be extended and commented..."

Poster-text: Mrs. Präses, Mr. Bishop, Abraham´s Churches are partly to blame for the extinction of our mystical inner and indigenous comic star world

Dec. 28 2022: 1000 years ago 12 heretics were burned in Orleans -the first time again (wiki.en/German broadcast-ARD)

Well then, on the 24th I went to Reinoldi church for Christmas Eve in a good mood and just stood there outside for a bit (video)... then I took off my hat and went inside. While I dutifully belt out the songs of the goddess at Christmas vespers, Lucifer must be sleeping soundly in the furthest corner of the church under my discarded black witch hat.
..And "missed" the rightly coherent sermon of the woman pastor-superintendent about the rather slightly querulous Christmas angel according to Matthew. An angel who sometimes does what he wants, and who shakes up the Silent Night, who doesn't have much to do with "be nice and quiet"... Hallelujah!

The service stewardess initially viewed my hodgepodge with some suspicion, but I promised her that I would be very kind. So I was invited and ❤️ really welcome, thank you very much!
 Ps: back to Luci-fer, lat. Bringer of light as Venus - morning star, when it rises before the sun. At the same time the Star of Bethlehem in Christopagan meaning. Venus as the morning star also unites the side of the - if necessary - also war goddess. Like the Babylonian Ishtar, she also represents love, peace, beauty and justice as a goddess!

dec. 25 thru 30 2022

What is helpful and healing "jelly" (Götterspeise) for one person is nonsense or even "poison" for another. For the latter, the religious embodiment of the "all-powerful" image of God in the Abrahamic religions has been largely refuted by modern physics and the theodicy question. But even more orthodox faith can be healing for one or the other, as long as it is positively structured and gives them personal support. Be that as it may, fellow human beings and wards must be allowed to freely develop their own belief or non-belief in a self-determined manner at an early age. And that can sometimes be the opposite of the world view of the father or mother. (To go ahead and lead by examples, without demanding successors, is all right and allowable - of course within limits...) As Jung already indicated, our Christian customs also go back to pre-Christian ones. Accordingly described here in the pdf with two short excerpts from articles in the German newspaper Die WELT about the custom of the Paradise- and Christmas-tree with my supplemental addition, recapitulated in keywords:
the ethnological origin of the Christmas- = Paradise-tree with eve's apple / red Christmas baubles*) pre-existed in the dark ages as a fools tree incl. a model of the Paradise Garden with Adam and Eve. Christmas only became main holy feast with the beginning of Renaissance, from about 15 Century on. The change from Fools- into Christmas tree developed first in south-west German/Swiss- and Alsace-Region. Before, the Christian main feast was easter with its preceding -winter- Lent. Many cultures worshipped holy trees e.g. as the cosmic world tree; also the Tree of Live of the Jewish Kabbalah, whose fruits and leaves of wisdom have been rediscovered during ~1850 by the French Abbé Eliphas Levi in the cards of tarot. - The starting point today of this evaluation was set from WELT- Author Helmut Seebach, a European ethnologist; supplemented on the point of Kabbalah-Tarot by me : “Kabbalah-Tree of Life = Tarot” rediscovered from Eliphas Levi, who called himself a neo-catholic socialist, sources: Eliphas_Levi_de/en.wikipedia. The holistic symbol of the Tetragramm-aton (, designed by him, combines the Jewish Kabbalah symbol for YHWH of the same name with the four alchemical Tarot symbols cups/water, wands/fire, swords/air, disks/earth to form a pentagram-star, seen with the Eyes of the Egyptian God (Jupiter/)Horus + Caduceus in the center. Which also includes the astrological meaning of a Ptolemy and Paracelsus, en.wki_Eliphas Levi. (*)Lilith- & Eve´s apple together with the serpent, symbols of the Goddesses Ishtar/Isis/Astarte/Venus and Lilith; s. or Besides the prophecy of Ezekiel in the Book The Mysteries of The Qabalah, Levi reflects also the Apocalypse of St. John.  Eliphas Levi´s magic (commented pdf dec.30), for example his meaningful diagram of the apocalyptic seven seals of John´s vision, influenced amongst other mystics Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner.

Merry Yule-Christmas who likes it! ...And also the natural principles that we have created in us, arranged in a dance, are individually different, are for me personally reason enough to also celebrate Yule-Christmas and Ostara-Easter enriched with my own ideas. In the annual cycle of nature. And whether the nature of our world is more pagan and/or Abrahamic or Yoga-Buddhist and/or -if necessary - can be viewed from a purely biological and physical point of view, its proportions are ultimately left to each individual to a certain extent. As it is more consistent for one. There, where child/man/woman etc. is standing with its (more or less) intuitive knowing inside, the unconscious "conscious"... Carl Jung calls such unconscious "collective". 

Do not frantically search the heavens for the gods of our ancestors.

Leave it to the more serious among the priests, shamans, magicians or astrologers.

Or you might study it a bit by yourself…?

Search guidance/ coaching/ therapie, if you think you can't see or feel your own path anymore.

But the principles of nature are already deep in your soul!

To be discovered with intuition, heart, body and mind.

If you listen to yourself, do, make, feel.

Thus you may also perceive yr. individually different counterpart and the outside world as well. 

Let it work, processing your unconscious, what some of your night- or daydreams want to tell you(…?)

In pictorial language and with feelings that you/r-self understands best. If you like... (M.L.)

"...and when you wake up, don't wash away your dreamlike true face."
(Margot Bickel, church pastor, poet, animal psychologist)
jan. 03 2023  
"As a day well spent brings a happy sleep, so a life well spent brings a happy death." (Leonardo da Vinci)
However, we ourselves with all the joie de vivre / lust for life, which is - in principle - desirable, should reflekt right away about what to leave for our posterity on MotherEarth facing rather limited green (e.g. Hydrogen-) technologies, ideally and in real terms...(?!)

04.01. - 20.03.2023

...which sometimes leaves people like me, who care about our "human" earth, sleepless (also working?). Only yesterday I discovered
Leonardo's wisdom of happy sleep and happy death -above- not entirely by accident
(in an obituary from the head of the Do.-Rombergpark via B.U.N.D. - does God play the dice now, or rather not?). I recorded them and shared them with others. Only now, as I rarely do, was I able to fall asleep easily. Although I was still very upset about world events on the news late at night: the senseless war with the New Year's attack in Ukraine. In which also many Russian soldiers fell and died unnecessarily. 

Hannes Wader's anti-war song "Es ist an der Zeit/ Green fields of france" flushed my fainting in me again.*) A song that I was first sung by a young woman around Feb. 1982, who shortly afterwards not coped with her world anymore... I only shared "her" song publicly now and then finally fell asleep. Early morning am I woke up with the enigmatic thought of my sleepless dream hallucin. 3 from 1990 (back from Leningrad on the ferry between Helsinki and Kiel) : "Life is a cross-word puzzle" - which solved it for me today?
                                                                  Nightfall - Kat Fedora Artist

...Does that perhaps correspond to my personal "quantum entanglement" in the completely civilized acted out "mad" dream of my hallu 5b) back in February 2001? Is it perhaps something that makes me fall asleep, dream and wake up a little more relieved and better today on January 4th, 2023? "Crazy"? q.e.d.? Then thank you very much, Renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci. Thanks to Einstein, time, length of time and spirit of time also seem to be relative...

*) But who is playing this song by Hannes Wader/ Allan Taylor to Putin(s) and Xi(s) supporters today? And prophylactically - not only - other possibly radical Islamic mullahs in Iran or elsewhere too? Long live a peaceful democracy, no matter how differently it is formed! In order to self-defend their freedom-in-co-responsibility, they sometimes have to resort to defensive weapons...(?!) ...which is by no means meant to downplay the just as bad, possibly earlier, mistakes of the West! I'm not only thinking of the unspeakable Hitler. But unfortunately also to the smaller or larger Trumps, George W. Bush's, Kim Yong-Un's etc. of this world. Right-wing or left-wing Autocracies, such as some absolutist monarchies had produced. - Long live freedom in shared responsibility: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - in this respect I am a Hellenist Frenchman at heart.

Jan. 6, mystical festival of the holy 12 magi (constantine-                           e/book about occult Russian culture-roots; Press- 

gregorian 3), chaldean dreamreader-astrologers                                        commentaries at amazon - available now in the book-stores:


in the middle: reel of the Pareek Institute - how the world actually works - expectations v/s reality:

Last but not least: probably in contrast to the Indian Pareek Institute, about which the central reel, Vincent van Gogh's early(?) intuition regarding spirals apparently awoke in the "lunatic" asylum of St. Remy?
  - Somewhat similar to the biblical prophets of Ur and Babylon, or the Oracle of Delphi? Who were sometimes celebrated in their time. Well, in case of undesired misinterpretations death was threatened; e.g. Daniel by Nebuchadnezzar, some Maja priests or shamans also by their own people(..?).

"On 8 May 1889, Van Gogh reports for treatment at the asylum Saint-Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Rémy, not far from Arles. For the first month he is not allowed to leave the grounds, but within the walls is an overgrown garden with pine trees, which proves to be a great source of inspiration for new studies and motifs." - Pic. above: Starry Night, van Gogh, wikimedia common

The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy 
May 1889, Pic. righthand, wikimedia common

"For The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy, Van Gogh chooses an unusual viewpoint,
next to the wall of the hospital. Due to the diagonal path with a stone bench, the painting acquires a particularly spatial effect. The exuberantly flowering bushes and trees are depicted in a tangle of thickly painted brushstrokes. Despite the huge variety of shapes and colours, the composition has both depth and structure.
The meaning of colours
In September of the previous year, Van Gogh writes from Arles to his sister Wil about what the colours mean to him: ‘We need good cheer and happiness, hope and love. The uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to take my revenge by doing brilliant colour, well arranged, resplendent’.
- Text of Facebook, Name unknown - forgotten; compare Wikipedia!